About Us

The Shoelace Brand Stockholm


At first it seemed like a bad purchase ... The story of The Shoelace Brand began when one of the two founders bought a pair of sneakers that never got used. Not only were they ugly, they were also the wrong size. On the other hand, the shoelaces were incredible. Therefore, the shoelaces became very useful until the day when the fashion changed and other colors and materials became trendy. It was the beginning of creating shoelaces in a new dimension and turning an "everyday product" into a fashion accessory. Our vision was to create an accessory for you to be able to compromise between following the season's trends and choosing your own personal style. The Shoelace Brand is not just a pair of shoelaces - it is your way to be trendy at a low cost and in your own way instead of buying new shoes as soon as the fashion changes. What #laceswap are you doing today with #theshoelacebrand?


Being trendy should always be fun and uncompromising. The Shoelace Brand is a new way to adapt the season's trends on your sneakers. We design our shoelaces according to current and seasonal trends. The shoelaces are launched in collections , both in our webshop and at our retailers . There is a saying that you will always go far in comfortable shoes - But you will go further if you also rock them. The Shoelace Brand takes you to the finish line with a trendy walk and a smile on your face!