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Stylish shoelaces and fast delivery!

All shoelaces have print on both sides.

The shoelaces are available in two lengths, 120cm and 100cm.

The children's shoelaces are available in lengths 70cm and 90cm.

The Shoelace Brand Stockholm is your brand when looking for shoelaces to put your personal style or the season's trends on your current sneakers. In our assortment there are collections with colorful shoelaces, silk shoelaces, elastic shoelaces, leather shoelaces, leather shoelaces & also the customers' favorite snakeskin shoelaces.

The shoelaces are always sold in pairs and if you are unsure about the length you should have on your particular shoelaces, see our guide on the product pages. The Shoelace Brand puts joy in your step & offers a new, fun way to express your personal style.

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