Laces with Attitude

We offer trendy, colorful & cool shoelaces, designed according to the season's fashion. The Shoelace Brand Stockholm personalizes your sneakers with unique laces. 

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Icon Pink Scarf
14.02 EUR
Harbor Pink Scarf
14.02 EUR
Navy Silk
12.14 EUR
Pink Silk
12.14 EUR
Black Dots
12.14 EUR
Shoe cleaner
2.82 EUR

# Discovery Yellow Scarf

You are visible among the crowd
while being
in line with the hottest

# Wedding Vibe

Spring is here! Time for a wedding?

  Here you have your wedding sholaces, put your personal style on any shoes and make them your dream wedding shoes! Save yourself bad feet &  dance all night long!


Black Silk
12.14 EUR
12.14 EUR
Beige Silk
12.14 EUR
Classic Leopard
10.26 EUR