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Flower Rose Scarf

  • 14.60 EUR

Article Number: 128

The Scarf shoelace family is growing with even more varieties. 

This beautiful shoelace goes in a dull pink tone with hints of gray, green and pink. The scarf shoelaces can look a little different at the ends when you get them home, but if you unfold the shoelace out of the box, all the shoelaces express the same wonderful feeling! So with these scarf shoelaces, you should not stare blindly at the product image, look at the live images and you will get a better feeling of how the shoelace lives out its true self.

Flower Rose Scarf is 25mm wide and is adorned with rosé tips. How nice!?

100 cm - 3-5 eyelets & 120 cm - 5-8 eyelets

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