Discovery Yellow Scarf

14.35 EUR

Leverantör: The Shoelace Brand

Can't get enough of these scarf shoelaces !!!! Have you seen any nicer laces? The world's most beautiful shoelaces is now here! It is named "Discovery Yellow Scarf" because there is so much to explore in the pattern, the shoelace is in a nice yellow tone and the pattern which is in all different colors gives you the opportunity to twist the shoelace as you wear them and choose which colors you want to emphasize. The scarf shoelace is so hysterically stylish - they stand out - it gives a big bow - it gives so much new life to your sneaker! Of course, "Stockholm" is engraved on the metal tips in silver. These shoelaces are 3cm wide and are 120 cm in length.

120 cm - 5-7 eyelets

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