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The Velvet Laces

Here you will find shoelaces in velvet! These shoelaces are perfect for those who wants to lift their shoes to a new level, but still stay within

the current trends. What doesn't feel more luxurious than a velvet bow?


12.80 USD
In stock.

The Shoelace Brand Stockholm AB makes the shoelaces for your sneakers. We make sure that your shoes never looks like anyone else's and that your personal touch is always there. Here you will find  shoelaces in velvet. In addition to being trendy, velvet is also a safe card for those looking for new shoelaces. The velvet shoelaces are easy to tie. Want to know how to tie your shoelaces, check out our GUIDE. If the shoelaces in velvet are not what you are looking for, we also offer the shoelaces in different  patterns, elastic shoelaces, shoelaces in silk, shoelaces in leather, shoelace in fluffy materials and so on... Your sneakers have never been looking better after your visit with us at The Shoelace Brand. We promise!