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The Wedding Box

  • 29.36 EUR

Article Number: 107

Here you have the obvious gift for the wedding couple or why not already as an engagement gift? 

The best complement to a bridal couple who have usually thought through the whole outfit BUT have they really thought about what shoes they should wear to be able to dance through the night? Think how nice it is for the bride to take off her heels and put on a pair of comfortable wedding shoes to be able to dance all night long! 

Promise this is a great gift for the wedding couple!

The giftbox contains two pairs of shoelaces, Mr.Bond & Wedding Vibe and The Shoe Cleaner *. The giftbox is white lacquered with The Shoelace Brand's logo embossed & gold foiled on the front of the lid to give a luxurious impression. The bottom of the giftbox is also white lacquered.

* Shoe Cleaner, works best to keep your soles white & fresh! The eraser works just as it sounds, you erase the dirt, just add a little water to the sponge to start erasing. The eraser is consumable that will crumble, stay over the sink or a garbage bag to avoid cleaning after. Also works well on leather shoes or synthetic leather - not recommended on moccasins or cloth shoes, however white soles are no problem no matter what shoe they are on! Keep your sneakers fresh all year round!

Wedding Vibe

10.70 EUR

Black Panther

12.67 EUR

Mr. Bond

10.70 EUR

White Silk

12.67 EUR