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The Perfect Gift Box For Him

  • 28.43 USD

Are you looking for a gift to give away "instead of a flower"? The gift box contains two pairs of shoelaces, Mr.Bond & The Paisley and a shoe poli

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Article Number: 117
Supplier: The Shoelace Brand

Are you looking for a gift to give away "instead of a flower"?

The giftbox contains two pairs of shoelaces, Mr.Bond & The Paisley and The Shoe Cleaner *. The giftbox is white lacquered with The Shoelace Brand's logo embossed & gold foiled on the front of the lid to give a luxurious impression. The bottom of the giftbox is also white lacquered.

Do you have a hard time finding a gift for the one who has everything? He probably also has shoes, but are they nice enough? With this giftbox you get Mr. Bond, a black PU-leather shoelace in black with black metal tips, you do not get a nicer shoelace for a black shoe if you want to keep it classy. The Paisley is just as it sounds, a paisley patterned shoelace with a blue background. Personalize your shoes with The Paisley, maybe you can match with a nice tie? Fun gift for the one who has everything. There's nothing to think about, just go and get it!

The giftbox is a perfect gift for those who have everything!

Birthday present? "Go away gift"? Christmas present? Easter gift? Mother's Day gift? Father's Day gift? Graduation gift? Valentine's Day gift? A gift for someone you like? Shoes are used by everyone so the shoelaces are used by your mother as well as father, grandmother, grandfather, sister, brother, boyfriend, girlfriend, cousin, neighbor, friend, colleague, mother-in-law, father-in-law ... 

You get it, this is the gift for everyone.

* Shoe Cleaner, works best to keep your soles white & fresh! The eraser works just as it sounds, you erase the dirt, just add a little water to the sponge to start erasing. The eraser is consumable that will crumble, stay over the sink or a garbage bag to avoid cleaning after. Also works well on leather shoes or synthetic leather - not recommended on moccasins or cloth shoes, however white soles are no problem no matter what shoe they are on! Keep your sneakers fresh all year round!

The Camo Box

28.43 USD