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The Glitter Laces

The Shoelace Brand Stockholm's shoelaces in glitter material make your shoes shine.

Comfortable party shoes? Bring new life to your most beautiful dance shoes with these glittery laces. Your shoes will sparkle like never before. Dream shoelaces.

Glitter Pink

12.41 USD
In stock.

Glitter Silk Shoelaces

14.34 USD 10.49 USD
In stock.

The Shoelace Brand Stockholm helps you personalize your sneakers and keep up with the season's trend in a cost-effective and fun way.

 You will find the silk shoelaces. The shoelaces in silk have never been more trendy and are also a safe choice if you want to change the style of your sneakers. Here at our webbshop you can buy the shoelaces in silk but also get inspired in our SWAP GUIDE how you can laceswap  your shoelaces in different fun ways.

The Shoelace Brand Stockholm silk shoelaces are a best seller of high quality. Our customers love these shoelaces. You will too!