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Shoe cleaner

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Article Number: 98

Perhaps the world's best sole cleaner from The Shoelace Brand! Have you also tried toothpaste, shoe polish and various kinds of shoe creams endlessly? WE KNOW, it sucks!! But WOW, you will not be disappointed, this is the best sole cleaner you will ever experience! A shoe cleaner, works best for keeping your soles white & fresh! Just add a little bit of water to the cleaner-block. It works like a rubber, just as it sounds, you rub the dirt off, add only a little water in the sponge to start rubbing. The wipe is consumable and it will crumble apart, hold the shoes over the sink or a garbage bag because of the crumbles from the eraser so you won't have to clean . Also works well on leather or synthetic leather - not recommended on mocha shoes or fabric shoes, however white soles are no problem! Keep your sneakers fresh all year round!

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