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Icon Red Scarf Shoelaces

  • 14.70 USD

Icon Red Scarf shoelace is a luxurious shoelace with a very elegant pattern in red, white, blue and & "gold".

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Article Number: 102
Supplier: The Shoelace Brand

Icon Red Scarf shoelace is a luxurious shoelace with a very elegant pattern in red, white, blue and "gold".

This shoelace is a sequel to the successful shoelaces Icon Lightblue Scarf and Icon Pink Scarf, the same pattern with a red base. The red color is nice and has a nice luster with gold metal aglets.

  • Material: Satin
  • Color: red, navy blue, white and "gold"
  • Pattern: An elegant pattern with leopard, chains, looks very classy
  • Length: 47,2in / 120cm
  • Width: 0,98in / 2,5cm
  • Shape: flat shoelaces
  • Metal aglet: gold
  • Washing recommendations: You can wash the shoelaces in a laundry bag at 30 degrees, but the best way to do it is to rinse them off with detergent and warm water, rub a little.

Scarf shoelaces are all unique, they are made of large silk fabrics that are cut apart to recycle fabrics instead of throwing away the leftovers. Icon Red Scarf shoelaces all have the same colors, but no shoelace is the same. When you see the shoelaces in the box, they can look only red or only as it is just is leopard pattern, etc. BUT open the box, unfold the shoelace and lace them in the shoes and everyone will give the same overall impression - You will NOT be disappointed!

The fabric used to make the scarf shoelaces is only patterned on one of the sides, therefore two fabrics are sewn together, to get patterns on both the back and front of the shoelace. As there are two fabrics that are sewn together, the shoelace gets a little bigger and gives a super nice effect in the shoe. The bow becomes large and the lacing on the shoe is covered by the nice shoelace.


  • 100cm / 39,4in is best suited for 3-5 eyelets & 120cm / 47,2in is best suited for shoes that have 5-8 eyelets.

  • 1 box of shoelaces contain 2 shoelaces

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The shoelaces are suitable for sneakers, boots, lace-up shoes etc. However, most dress shoes for men and woman with lacing have super small eyelets (metal rings) either on the front or the back of the lace hole, which can make it difficult for the metal aglet to get through the eyelets. There can also be small eyelets on boots, shoes and sneakers but not as common as on dress shoes. If there are no eyelets on the dress shoes you can use these shoelaces, BUT dress shoes often do not require more than 25,6in-29,5in / 65-75cm of shoelaces, so our shoelaces may be a little too long depending on the number of eyelets / dress shoe.


Do you find it difficult to understand which length fits your shoes best? Below we list some shoe models, hopefully that will help you if you are unsure but first ...

1. The easiest way to find out what length you need is to take out the shoelaces and measure the originals.

2. 100cm / 39,4in is best suited for 3-5 eyelets & 120cm / 47,2in is best suited for shoes that have 5-8 eyelets ... Check how long and wide the lacing is (the gap between the eyelets). If the eyelets are put very close you will need less shoelace, even if it is 5 or more eyelets you can consider a shoelace in 100cm / 39,4in if the eyelets are put tight together.

3. If you have small feet or for children's shoes, you do not need as much shoelace, then 100cm / 39,4in is enough.

4. Do you like a big bow? Then you might consider 120cm / 47,2in.

5. If you want to make a straight-lacing, less shoelaces are required, if you want to make a fishing net lacing, longer shoelaces are required.

Examples of sneaker models that fit 100cm / 39,4in shoelaces
  • Vans
  • Nike Thea
  • Nike Roshe
  • Adidas NMD
  • Adidas Boost
  • Vagabond Zoe
Examples of sneaker models that fit 120cm / 47,2in shoelaces
  • Adidas Originals
  • Adidas Stan Smith
  • Axel Arigato
  • Nike Air Force
  • Nike Air Max
  • Hooka