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Icon Red Scarf

  • 14.90 EUR

Article Number: 102

YES !! The sequel is here! The world's most beautiful shoelace is now here in the 2.0 edition! After the success of the shoelace Icon´s models in pink and light blue, the sequel now comes in red. With the changing pattern and the different colors that vary in red, blue, white and "gold", it is a fantastic pattern with blue leopard elements while it is a classic iconic pattern with chains & elegance. The scarf-like shoelace is so magically beautiful - it stands out - it gives a big bow - it gives so much new life to your sneaker! Of course, "Stockholm" is engraved on the metal tips in gold. These shoelaces are 3cm wide and are 120 cm long.

All Scarf shoelaces have different patterns at the ends & can look different depending on how they are packed in the package, open the box and check out the entire shoelace - I promise you, magical overall impression!

 100 cm - 3-5 eyelets & 120 cm - 5-8 eyelets

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